There are more than 40,000 children living in foster care in New Jersey alone. Many of which have very little to no possessions they can call their own. While their foster parents are receiving stipends from the government as an aid in supporting the child’s needs, this is actually not enough to cover the needs of a growing child.

Aside from food and shelter, these kids are also in need of other things in order to survive. Now, we’ll give you a rundown on why these children need your help.

Lack of material possessions

As mentioned, these kids have very limited possessions. Most of these children transfer from home to home with their things packed in a trash bag. Donations such as clothes, school supplies and toys will be greatly appreciated. Please make sure that these gifts are brand new and in their original package. If your child has loads of old stuff, please don’t hesitate to donate it to a foster care agency as well.

It’s Christmas!

While everyone is busy wrapping gifts for their friends and family, foster kids feel neglected during the holidays. Now, you can do your part by letting them realize that they are not forgotten. With a simple gift, you can easily paint a smile on these children’s faces. Plus, it could help in easing the pain of being away from their biological parents.

Love and affection

Foster children are mostly victims of abuse and neglect. So, they need to be surrounded with people who are willing to shower them with love and care. If you think you’re not responsible enough to raise a child, you can act as a big brother or sister. Spend a few hours a week with these children by teaching them a new hobby or playing with them. You might not realize it, but it could have a great impact on the child’s life.