Can you catch a dream? Can you grow magical beans?

The answer is no, but you can join the most loving and giving force of individuals committed to brightening the lives of the people that need us the most: Foster Kids.

Our volunteers have diverse motivations as to why they want brighten the lives of foster kids, and I’m sure you do too.


Because such a high percentage of Foster Kids end up becoming poverty-stricken criminals, helping Foster Children is an investment in our country’s future as well.

By helping improve the lives of Foster Kids now, we work to ensure they become productive citizens later.


That’s because we don’t work to help foster kids, we have FUN helping foster kids!

For example, check out some of the awesome things we do:

  • Toy drives
  • Special events such as inflatable amusement days
  • Scholarship funds
  • Holiday card programs
  • Gala events

However, we can’t do all this stuff alone! We need your help.

No matter what your politics, occupation, age, sex, make of your car or size of your coffee pot, EVERYONE can help us brighten the lives of foster kids.