A huge percentage of foster children are facing numerous challenges in their daily life and it makes me furious. Many of these kids have never had the luxury of being in a nurturing and stable environment. This is actually depressing since most of these kids are still dependent on their loved ones for support. As a result, they become distant and develop trust issues.

Developmental issues

Wanting to put an end on the abuse and neglect, these children are entered into the foster care system. Foster care is seen as a necessary lifeline which saves thousands of maltreated children each year. However, placing them in foster care could either ameliorate or exacerbate the child’s problems, as well as lead to a more dangerous and harmful situation. Kids who are placed in foster care are more likely to be seen with emotional and behavioral problems compared to those who live with their parents under a high risk condition.

Low academic performance

Education is one of the most important aspects in determining whether a foster child makes an easy transition into the adult world. Unfortunately, most of them were not privileged to have a decent education. Compared to their peers, these children are seen to have higher absenteeism, tardiness and dropout rates. Studies reveal that foster children have lower rates of school engagements. Plus, they are less likely to be interested in extracurricular activities.

Most adults who were raised as foster children are more likely to become incarcerated, homeless and dependent on state services.

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Most children who have been traumatized repeatedly suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. As a result, these children automatically freeze whenever they get anxious. Plus, they become defiant to those people who interact with them.

Being placed in a new environment gives an additional burden to these children. So, you may expect negative behaviors such as temper tantrums, excessive crying, inattention or withdrawal.