Dearest Friend,

I’m sitting here in my office in Haddonfield looking at all the toys completely consuming the top of our conference table.

Tomorrow, we will be delivering these toys to the Foster and Adoptive Family Services of New Jersey, but today, I cannot stop looking at them.

Saturday, Fun for Fosters volunteers hit Kings Court in Haddonfield and asked every passerby to please find it in their hearts to donate a toy.

Almost all agreed, but most actually found the time and money to stop at a local Haddonfield toy shop, and purchase, and donate, a toy to our noble cause. In fact, one man in particular jogged past, and later returned that day with a toy from WalMart.

One woman we didn’t recognize showed up with a huge box of toys. When we asked her how she knew about the toy drive, she informed us that her mother had told her.

By phone, text, email, newspaper, social media and word of mouth, our toy drive was communicated, but only through goodness in heart, was it successful.

Thank you so very much for either the time or toy you donated on Saturday, December 20th, in the interest of improving the life of foster kids here in New Jersey.

On Christmas Day, I want you to look in the mirror, even if only for a few seconds. Take a look at that person, because believe it or not, that’s the Santa Clause that brought countless: Toys, amounts of joy and tears of happiness to foster kids all over New Jersey.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, and God bless.

Best wishes!


Matthew Steffen, President
Fun for Fosters
“We brighten the lives of foster kids.”
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