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Welcome to Fun for Fosters!


Me (to the left) at our 1st Annual Toy Drive.


Fun for Fosters is a special interest group that is compiled of 100% volunteers with ZERO government funding. After all, you don’t need government cheese to make a delicious sandwich of love, and giving.

I’m Matt Steffen, and I was a foster kid. It sucked; however, people cared enough about me to help improve my life. Today, I need your help to improve the lives of other foster children.

We improve the lives of foster kids by staging toy drives to flood their Christmas trees, and Galas to raise money so they may enjoy special luxuries, events and field trips.

Our next event is a Fostarian Gala.

In one delightful evening of wine, french cuisine and light entertainment provided by a very special celebrity guest, you will ensure a New Jersey foster child enjoys a full day at the most exclusive and fun-filled campground in all of New Jersey: Black Bear Lake.

If you enjoy a lovely night out with some of the most exciting and enjoyable people in Philadelphia and New Jersey, than you’re going to want to join us for our 1st Annual Fostarian Gala.

Spend a night having fun, while giving fun, to our state’s children that need it the most.

Our theme song by Jason Mento (Enjoy!):


I can guarantee you that the memory from helping foster kids will echo into the many years of your life until you’re finally ready for eternal sleep, knowing you did everything you could to help other people. This is your opportunity, and this is your time. Click the button, and let’s brighten the lives of foster children, together.


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